Great Man of the Universe crowned Brazil’s Joao Emiliao as its first-ever winner on Saturday night, during the pageant’s grand finals that took place at the Crown Legacy Hotel in Baguio City.

Joao bested thirteen other gorgeous men from around the world with his wit, charm and well-defined physique that could be attributed to his love of playing foot volley.

Great Man of the Universe 2023 Joao Emiliao | Great Man of the Universe/FB

He is really into sports. He even founded the Emiliao Cup to promote beach foot volley and encourage young athletes to engage into sports.

Meanwhile, other winners of the pageant include Japan’s Ryota Saito who was named Great Man World 2023.

Great Man World 2023 Ryota Saito | Great Man of the Universe/FB

The title Great Man International 2023 went to Conor Rigney of Australia.

Great Man International 2023 Conor Rigney | Great Man of the Universe/FB

The Philippines’ Stephen Harold Lilley Jr. was named Great Man Earth 2023.

Great Man Earth 2023 Stephen Harold Lilley Jr. | Great Man of the Universe/FB

Two ambassadors were named – Niro Ahuja of India, and Emanuele Moreno of Rome Italy.

Great Man of the Universe 2023 Results:

Great Man of the Universe 2023 – Brazil
Great Man World 2023 – Japan
Great Man International 2023 – Australia
Great Man Earth 2023 – Philippines

Continental Ambassadors:
Americas – Singapore
Africa – Thailand
Europe – Milan, Italy
Asia Pacific – Cambodia

Great Man of Advocacy & Charity – Philippines
Teen Supermodel – Kazakhstan
Top Model – Hong Kong

Sponsor Awards:
Paradiso Bel-is – United Kingdom
Crown Legacy Hotel – Philippines
Girly’s Place Hotel & Resort – Australia