How painful it would be if, after your boyfriend has passed away, you learn about his plans of proposing with you? That’s the pain Franco Hernandez’s girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, is feeling right now.

Through a Facebook post, Janica revealed that she learned about Franco’s planned proposal to her through one of his bestfriends.

“One of your bestfriends told me about your plan for us, that you will propose to me on April 2019,” she wrote on a post dated January 1. She also added that Franco was crying while he was telling the said bestfriend about his plans to marry her.

The late Hashtags member was also planning to sing The Last Time as Janica walks down the aisle.

It would have been very romantic.

Franco and Janica had been together for just a year before he died in that tragic boat accident in Davao Occidental last November. It may be a short time for some but for Janica, it was the best year of her life.

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