Manhunt International 2024 is currently ongoing in Thailand, with the finals night set in less than a week.

One of the most anticipated male beauty pageants of the year, Manhunt International brings together delegates from around the globe, each representing their respective countries and cultures, to compete for the coveted title.

Since it started in 1993, the male pageant has grown to become a prestigious event, celebrating not only physical attractiveness but also charisma, intelligence, and cultural awareness.

It also provides a platform for men to showcase their talents, personality, and dedication to various philanthropic causes.

Contestants will go through a series of events and challenges designed to test their poise, confidence, and versatility.

These events typically include fashion shows, swimsuit rounds, interviews, and talent performances.

The pageant is more than just a beauty contest; it emphasizes the importance of being well-rounded and socially responsible individuals.

The winner of Manhunt International 2024 will not only gain international fame but will also embark on a journey to promote various charitable initiatives and act as a global ambassador for positive change.

As the world eagerly awaits the crowning of the next Manhunt International, the impact of the pageant extends beyond the glitz and glamour.

It serves as an inspiring platform for young men to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their communities.

The pageant has yet to release official photos of the candidates, but so far, here are my favorites:

Thailand, Kevin Dasom | IG/kevindasom
Nicaragua, Jeril Vado Quintero | IG/jeril_vado
France, Lucas Schlachter| IG/lucasschlachteroff
South Africa, Luke Vann | IG/luke.vannn
Philippines, Kenneth Stromsnes| IG/kennethstromsnes_
Indonesia, Stefan Yogi | IG/stefan_yogii

Everyone is goodlooking, by the way, but these six contestants initially captured my attention.

Finals of Manhunt International 2024 will be on May 26th.