Mister Cosmopolitan 2023 contestants had their formal wear shoot and all of them look dashing in the photos shot by Missosology.

I specifically adore the look of Italy, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

All of them are good looking, but these are my top six.

Italy, Nicolas Maggi / FB/Missosology
Thailand, Yothin Romthaisong / FB/Missosology
Australia, Joshua Saunders / FB/Missosology
Brazil, Patrick Luvise / FB/Missosology
Hong Kong, Denis Ayhan / FB/Missosology
Philippines, Ivan Ignacio / FB/Missosology

The finals night of Mister Cosmopolitan 2023 is happening October 8th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Here’s the rest of the candidates: