Mister India Pankaj Ahlawat has just been named the 1st Mister National Universe during the inaugural pageant that was held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, in Thailand.

Mister National Universe 2017 Pankaj Ahlawat of India | FB/MissoMalePageants

Ahlawat bested over 10 other good looking men from around the world. He was also the most liked candidate on social media, besting all the other candidates in the People’s Choice poll on Facebook.

The Mister National Universe 2017 top 5 also included Malaysia’s Nigelvan Andrew (1st runner-up); Thailand’s Seagame Arthit Mekarkard (2nd runner-up); China’s Daniel Sui (3rd runner-up); and Brazil’s Daniel Benjamin (4th runner-up).

Mister National Universe 2017 winners | FB/missosologynetwork

The runners-up are of equal ranking.

Special awards:

Best Talent: Malaysia
Best National Costume: Sri Lanka
Best Physique: Russia
So Cool Guy Award: India
Best Swimwear: China
Media’s Choice: Laos
People’s Choice: India

Meanwhile, there were 2 Filipinos in the competition – Philippines’ Renz Lesther Cerezo and Italy’s Emanuele Amboy. The latter was a pure Filipino who was born and raised in Italy.

Neither got any award.