screenshot from FB Live of Mister National Universe

Mister Malaysia Benedict Yu was named Mister National Universe 2023 during the pageant’s finale that happened in Thailand Tuesday night.

He bested 20 other candidates from all over the world to become the 5th Mister National Universe.

Viet Hoang from Vietnam (last year’s winner) was there to pass on the title.

The results:
Mister National Universe 2023 – Malaysia, Benedict Yu
1st runner-up or Mister National World 2023 – England, Marcus Charlie Bishop
2nd runner-up or Mister National Globe 2023 – Thailand, Kritti Nampradit
3rd runner-up or Mister National Earth 2023 – Philippines, Michael Ver Comaling
4th runner-up or Mister National Intercontinental 2023 – Latvia, Tishkin Vladiislav

After the Top 5 question and answer round, the 4th and 3rd runners-up were named, but then the judges decided to give another round of Q&A for the 3 remaining candidates to better decide on who to name the winner.

Meanwhile, the contestants from Pakistan, Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Ukraine became part of the Top 10.