Mister Tourism World 2023 will take place in Brazil from November 28th to December 4th. The pageant, which focuses on tourism and socio-cultural development, is now on its 7th edition.

While the pageant hasn’t officially started yet, we can already support our favorite contestants by voting for them online. Voting is done on Instagram (MisterTourismWorldOfficial), Facebook (MisterTourismWorldOfficial) and Vantle ().

On Instagram, “heart-ing” the photo of the candidate is equivalent to 2 points.

On Facebook, though, you have to “like” and “follow” the Mister Tourism World page first so your votes would count. “Liking” the photo of the candidate is equivalent to 2 points, while “sharing” the photo equals 4 points.

On Vantle, ou can vote as much as you desire.

Voting has already started (Oct. 10). It will end on Dec. 2 at 11 PM (Brazil time).

Points will be added at the end of the voting period and the top 2 candidates will automatically be part of the pageant’s Top 15 semi-finalists.

However, the photos of Paraguay, Philippines, and Vietnam have not been posted yet.

Check out the photos: