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The introduction videos of the thirty Misters of Filipinas (MOF) 2021 contestants can now be watched online at the Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation Inc.’s (PEPPs) YouTube channel. PEPPs owns and organizes MOF which is now on its eighth year.

From the introduction videos, I chose my second set of hot picks. My initial seventeen favorites are now narrowed down to twelve. It’s really different when you see and hear the contestants speak, compared to just seeing them in pictures.

While most of my picks now were also included in my first hot picks, there are surprisingly some additions. The latter, they may not have impressed me with their photos, but they did charm me with the way they speak.

Here they are:

Mister #01 Norman Coronel Jr. of Davao Del Norte, 28, 5’8″

Mister #02 Ed Kevin Tumulak of Cordova, Cebu, 25, 5’8″

Mister #5 Januarius Paglinawan of Dumingag, Zamboanga Peninsula, 27, 5’9″

Mister #06 Romel Ayag of Caloocan City, 29, 5’10”

Mister #08 Joshua James Diño of Camarines Sur, 25, 5’10”

Mister #13 Derick Allen Lauchengco of Laguna, 21, 6’0″

Mister #15 Jearu Ed Magbuhat of Batangas, 29, 6’1″

Mister #17 Sean Emmanuel Vintola of Negros Oriental, 18, 6’1″

Mister #19 Byron Paul Salamanca of Laoag City, 19, 6’0″

Mister #21 Kenneth Aniban of Tondo, Manila, 20, 5’11”

Mister #26 Junichi Yabushita of Cebu City, 26, 5’8″

Mister #30 John Gabriel Chua of Dumaguete City, 18, 5’8″