It was confirmed 2 months ago that James Reid will be doing the lead role in the remake of Pedro Penduko. He will be the 4th actor to play the role in the movies, after Efren Reyes Sr. in 1954, Ramon Zamora in 1973 and Janno Gibbs in 1994 and 2000.

James is the 5th actor to play the superhero role overall, however, as Matt Evans (who gave the character a curly-haired look) played it on television in 2006.

Pedro Penduko is a comic book character created by Francisco V. Coching. The character is described as a “normal human being who has no superpowers, but is resourceful and quick-witted in battling evil forces.” He has a magical amulet that has been given the name Mutya in the TV series.

The James Reid-starrer will be directed by Paul Basinilio, who himself confirmed that Nadine Lustre will also be in the movie.

It is James, however, who will be in the lead.

Check out the video posted on YouTube by Viva Films which also shows clips of the actor while training for the role.