Official photos of the contestants from the preliminary competition has been released by The MI Org Mister International on Instagram. I have already made a prelims post (which you can see here) but let us rank these gorgeous men based on their performances on the three categories – National Costume, Swimwear, and Formal Wear.

National Costume:

USA might have worn the least elaborate costume but his NatCos performance gave me goosebumps. He gave homage to his Hawaiian warrior ancestry and he delivered!

Jamaica, on the other hand, was a doll! He might have worn a simple one as well but he stood out nonetheless.

We have to give it to the Latinos, though, with their hot bods and wings/capes/back pieces.


As with swimwear, I’ll just let these photos speak for themselves. But there’s really something about Nepal that would make you stare.

Formal Wear:

Spain nailed the formal wear competition, IMHO. And while Uzbekistan isn’t on my list of Top 12, I had to include him here because he looked so dapper in that suit.