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Hot men from all over the world are currently vying for the title of Mister Global as the finale of the male pageant’s eighth edition draws near. The competition is set to name the successor of Danh Chieu Linh on February 11th in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Before the Mister Global 2022 finals, though, a preliminary competition is set to happen on Feb. 9th (7 PM ICT) at the Royal Park Rajapruek in Chiang Mai. Almost forty good looking young men will try to impress the judges in their casual wear, swimwear, and national costumes.

Will your favorites make the cut?

Well, here’s my list:

Canada | IG/officialmisterglobal
Philippines | IG/officialmisterglobal
France | IG/officialmisterglobal
Cuba | IG/officialmisterglobal
Colombia | IG/officialmisterglobal
Brazil | IG/officialmisterglobal
India | IG/officialmisterglobal
Hong Kong | IG/officialmisterglobal
Poland | IG/officialmisterglobal
Mexico | IG/officialmisterglobal
Peru | IG/officialmisterglobal
South Africa | IG/officialmisterglobal
Sri Lanka | IG/officialmisterglobal
Switzerland | IG/officialmisterglobal
USA | IG/officialmisterglobal
Indonesia | IG/officialmisterglobal