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Mister Global 2022 held its Preliminary Competition Thursday night at the Royal Park Rajapruek in Chiang Mai, Thailand, hosted by Jit Seichandorn.

The show was fast-paced and had a nice flow, which made it look like the organizers were very much prepared.

The 8th Mister Global contestants donned their swimwear and formal wear during the prelims, impressing the judges with their physique.

Towards the end of the show, a number of special awards were given out by sponsors.

Special Awards:

Smart Guy by E-Outfiting – Myanmar
San Pu Loei Favorite – Thailand
Mister Smile with Elephants
2nd runner-up – Spain
1st runner-up – Myanmar
Winner – North Cyprus
Bright Face by Na Siri Clinic – Mexico
Looker Model – Korea
Shining Skin by Herbgold – Poland

I recently named by early favorites from the photos released on the pageant’s social media pages, but after watching the prelims, I was able to narrow down my choices to five.

My Top 5:

Chile | IG/officialmisterglobal
Brazil | IG/officialmisterglobal
Peru | IG/officialmisterglobal
Sri Lanka | IG/officialmisterglobal
North Cyprus | IG/officialmisterglobal