Diego Loyzaga has belied the allegations of a Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) driver who alleged that he hit the Grab car early Friday morning.

In an interview with MJ Felipe for ABS-CBN News, Diego said it wasn’t true that he hit the TNVS car, causing damage.

According to the actor, he approached the Grab car to talk to the driver who made a sudden swerve and cut the convoy his car was part of.

It was a good thing Diego’s driver was quick to brake and turned to the left.

He was sleeping at the time of the incident and the sudden jolt woke him up.

When he got to the Grab car, however, the driver wouldn’t open his window and instead just tried to take a video of him.

It was those videos that made it to social media and became viral.

Who’s telling the real story?

The version of the Grab driver, John Ronnel Paglalunan, was reported Friday night.

According to him, Diego hit his car for no reason at all.

His camp had already reported the incident to the authorities and they were waiting for the CCTV footage of the establishment near the scene to use as additional evidence.

Meanwhile, Diego said they are also waiting for the CCTV footage to prove that he is telling the truth.