A number of good looking men from different countries are now in Indonesia to compete for the Man of the Year 2017 title. They are vying to succeed Karan Singhdole who was last year’s winner.

The pageant aims to crown the contestant who embodies these 5 attributes – masterly, mindful, manly, masculine and modern. The winner will be named on August 19, 2017 in Pekanbaru.

Thirteen contestants have already undergone various pictorials, including those for the formal wear, national costume, and swimwear. And among this site’s favorites (so far) are as follows:

Tran Thai Nhut (Vietnam):

Issa Janda, Philippines:

Lukas Lesak, Czech Republic:

Oscar Alonso Ortiz, Spain:

Parinya Yaochueang, Thailand:

Will Issa Janda give the Philippines a back-to-back win?