Man of the Year 2017 declared its winner on Sunday night, August 20, 2017, during the finals that was held inĀ Indonesia. Parinya Yaochueang of Thailand was crowned this year’s winner, succeeding Karan Singhdole of the Philippines who was there to personally pass on the title.

Parinya bested 12 other good looking men from around the world, including the Philippines’ Issa Janda who received the Missosology special award.

Early favorite Tran Thai Nhut of Vietnam was named 1st runner-up. He also received the Mr. Modern award.

Lukas Lesak of Czech Republic was 2nd runner-up and Man of the Year-Europe.

Spain’s Oscar Alonso Ortiz was 3rd runner-up.

Levi Kasanrokyat of the Netherlands was 4th runner-up.

Other special awards include Man of the Year-Asia which was awarded to Taiwan’s Sheng Fu Wang, while the Best in National Costume award went to Indonesia’s Oki Trisuhandi.

Mr. Masterly went to India’s Alester D’Souza, Mr. Mindful went to Sri Lanka’s Praven Dhanasekara, Mr. Manly was Myanmar’s Mung Aung, and Mr. Masculine was Nepal’s Dhruba Budhathoki.

Masterly, mindful, manly, masculine and modern are the 5 attributes that the Man of the Year pageant specially looks for in its winner.

The finals was supposed to be held a day earlier, but due to some problems, the event was moved a day later, and in a different venue.