Mister Brazil Dereck Gimenes was named Man of the Year 2023 during the male pageant’s finale that was held in Indonesia. He bested seventeen other contestants from around the globe with his good looks, charm, toned physique, and wit.

Czech Republic’s Filip Sanda was only second runner-up. He was actually on top of my list, and Dereck, second. But the Brazilian hottie was really on his element during the finals and I agree that he really shone the brightest.

Man of the Year 2023 – Results:

Winner- Dereck Gimenes, Brazil
1st runner-up – Aziman Mai, Taiwan
2nd runner-up – Filip Sanda, Czech Republic
3rd runner-up – Muhammad Ridwan, Indonesia
4th runner-up – Pom Kamonpop Kaewdiao, Thailand

Delegates from Puerto Rico, Korea and Australia also became part of the Top 8.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ Vandave Lopez Paragas failed to make it. He looked okay, but I just noticed that during the swimwear portion, he refused to dance while the rest of the contestants exhibited some moves on stage. I’m guessing they were instructed to dance a little on stage because that’s what the rest of the delegates did. Vandave, however, did not.

The runners-up: