The Man of the Year 2023 delegates had their swimwear photoshoot yesterday at Pantai Kuta beach in Bali, making the typical sunny day even hotter with all eighteen of them showing off their well-toned physiques.

The days leading to the finals are really jam-packed with activities. Recently, they had their formal wear shoot, followed by another photoshoot with them wearing the traditional Balinese costume, and then their national costume shoot.

Good thing they seemed to have come to Bali packed with enough hotness to always wow the cameras despite their hectic schedule.

Check out these swimwear photos taken by Missosology:

Filip Sanda, Czech Republic | FB/Missosology
Dereck Gimenes, Brazil | FB/Missosology
Tomoya Hashimoto, Japan | FB/Missosology
Deyako Farooqi, Australia | FB/Missosology
Seok Bo Geun, Korea | FB/Missosology

Czech Republic, Brazil, Japan, Australia and Korea are my top favorites.

But then I can’t deny that these six below also deserve our attention: