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Miko Gallardo and Iñaki Torres were very daring in #MyDay The Series. Their intimate scenes were the most brave that I have watched in the local BL scene. Not that I have watched them all. Some titles, I stopped watching mid-season, and some, after just an episode.

I have to be honest, though. The acting on episode 1 of #MyDay (aside from that of Yul Servo) almost made me stop watching, but I’ve been following Iñaki Torres (who plays Ace, one of the leads) on Instagram for quite a while already and I wanted to see more of him so I continued watching.

To my surprise, I got hooked on the story, despite some of its inconsistencies and how they included a lengthy portion of the previous episode’s last scene at the start of a new episode. I usually don’t mind those “previouslies” but it was really so lengthy in #MyDay I felt it was a waste of data (for those watching on limited data subscription).

Halfway through the series, however, I got quite fascinated with Miko Gallardo’s boyish charm. He portrayed the role of Sky, the other leading man, and I swear he got cuter by the episode!

He could act, and it made me wonder if it was bad script or how much the actors were allowed to adlib that made some of their acting cringe-y.

Miko was always “in the moment” and seemed not conscious of the cameras. Perhaps because (as I would eventually learn) he had already done some movie projects before, unlike some of his co-stars who had this BL series as their first acting assignment.

I almost cried with Sky in that client-meeting-turned-surprise-dinner-date-at-the-rooftop scene. A tear even fell from his eye when he and Ace kissed while fireworks brightened up the sky.

And speaking of that rooftop date, they actually danced that night, which meant that Ace knew how to dance. But why on earth had he suddenly forgotten how to dance during his birthday? And no, there was no “amnesia” subplot in the story.

That club scene where Ace’s trans friend flirted with Sky hit me a little hard. We really should be careful about our actions when we’re in a relationship (or trying to be in one), like we should be sensitive about the feelings of our partner and refrain from doing things that would hurt their feelings.

Miko and Aki were so comfortable in their intimate scenes, it looked like they weren’t even faking the torrid kisses. That, or they were just good at acting out those scenes.

Meanwhile, it was good to see Yul again. He portrayed the ruthless father of Aki who only cared about his business and his image to other people.

I love how veteran actors never detaches from the scene. Despite Ace’s lengthy lines in that confrontation scene about his sexuality, the father (Yul) was in character and in the moment all throughout.

My favorite Yul Servo scene was the one when Ace decided to leave him and go with his mom. No dialogue, but you could feel the father’s sadness and his remorse while he was being left alone.

I didn’t like, however, how Sky’s ex-girlfriend’s accusation that the reason for their breakup was his fault, was just left as it was. It was the ex-gf’s attitude that made her unfit to have a relationship at all. And how she treated Sky’s family was never given justice, nor how she released Sky and Ace’s intimate video and how she kidnapped Ace’s dog.

Anyway, I followed Miko on social media immediately after binge-watching the series. Only then did I come to know that he joined It’s Showtime‘s Bidaman segment last year where he had a top 12 finish.

Aside from that, I also found out on Twitter (where else) that he has an alleged video scandal. In real life, this time. And no, not with Aki. Oh well, I don’t care.

I actually cannot wait for season 2.