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Miss Universe Philippines 2021 recently held its interview challenge among its Top 50 delegates. It’s from there where the Top 30 will be chosen.

Out of the fifty MUP aspirants, the organization chose to release their Top 7 interview challenge performers.

Four names in the Top 7 of this latest challenge are already familiar. We have read their names before in the previous challenges’ Top 15.

Most notable is Rousanne Marie Bernos of San Juan City who ranked third in the Interview Challenge. She was also part of the top performers in each of the previous challenges. She was second both in Headshot and Video Introduction, fourth in Runway, and sixth in Casting.

Another one is Isabelle De Los Santos of Makati who placed fourth in the interviews. She was fifteenth in Headshot and thirteenth in Video Introduction.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City (sixth in interviews) was top 15 in Casting.

Meanwhile, Victoria Velasquez Vincent of Cavite topped the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Interview Challenge. The Filipino-Irish statuesque beauty has a Master of Architecture degree.

Previously, she was ranked fourteenth in the Casting Challenge.

Interview Challenge Top 7

1. Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Cavite (Top 14, Casting)

2. Maria Ingrid Teresita P. Santamaria, ParaƱaque

3. Rousanne Marie Bernos, San Juan City (Top 6, Casting; Top 4, Runway; Top 2, Video Introduction; Top 2, Headshot)

4. Isabelle De Los Santos, Makati (Top 13, Video Introduction; Top 15, Headshot)

5. Megan Julia Roa Digal, Bukidnon

6. Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Cebu City (Top 15, Casting)

7. Simone Nadine Bornilla, Marinduque