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Mister Grand Body & Looks Philippines-Bulacan 2023 is having its coronation night on April 16 in Malolos. Twelve hot men from all over Bulacan are competing for the title, and I must say the pageant org has done a great job at screening. All are indeed deserving to be crowned.

Meanwhile, let’s take a good look at each contestant. Let’s now focus on CJ Lictao.

CJ is a KiwiPino who works as a realtor and a model. His smoldering eyes will really make you look longer in his photos, and while some comments on his online photos say that he’s skinny in person, it only means that his body is very well proportioned for him to look this good in photos.

I can’t wait to see a photo of him together with other contestants so we can see how he looks when he’s with other good looking men.

Let’s take a look at his photos pre-pandemic. He was in the Philippines before the country went into lockdown, which explains his wearing mask at the airport.

He has a James Reid aura in the first pic above where he’s wearing a brown jacket, while he has a resemblance to Michael Pangilinan and Royce Cabrera in other pics.

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The following pics were his recent uploads:

FB/Cj Lictao

I must say straight hair looks better on him.

But those hairy thighs are better left as is.

FB/Cj Lictao