The winner of Mister National Universe 2018 was named on Monday, June 18th, at a pageant held in Thailand.

Nineteen contestants from all over the world competed for the title, and two of whom were from the Philippines – Jay Dee Boy Casiño representing Boracay, and Kenley Filarca representing the Philippines.

Like most pageants, the show opened with the national costume parade where the contestants would also introduce themselves.

Mister Thailand Natchanon Singlum bested the other 18 men in that segment as he was named best in national costume.

The swimwear segment soon followed, but instead of having the best in national costume award, the pageant gave out a photogenic award.

Mister Switzerland Lionel Luthi was named the most photogenic among the contestants.

The nineteen goodlooking men delivered a one minute speech in their formal wear.

Most of them just told things about themselves, but some used their time to speak about their advocacies.

Meanwhile, a best national director award was handed out.

The award went to the national director of Mister National Universe Puerto Rico.

The announcement of the top 10 soon followed.

First to be called into the top 10 seminalists was India, followed by Brazil, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Nepal, USA, Thailand, Philippines and Switzerland.

After the announcement, the top 10 went straight to the question and answer portion.

Each of them picked an envelope containing the judge that would ask their question.

The contestants were only given a minute each for their answers.

After an intermission, another set of special awards was given.

Mister USA won Mister Congeniality and Mister Philippines was given the People’s Choice Award.

And then it was time for the top 5 finalists.

Mister Nepal was the first to be called, followed by representatives from Brazil, Malaysia, India and Thailand.

There was another Q&A which would determine their placements.

They picked their questions from envelopes which the hosts read for them.

In the end, Mister Brazil Marcos Vinicius was named sevond runner-up.

First runner-up went to Mister Thailand Natchanon Singlum.

The title of Mister National Universe 2018 went to Mister Nepal Phanendra Prasai.

He succeeded last year’s winner, Pankaj Ahlawat of India.

Meanwhile, Mister Philippines Kenley Filarca was named an Mister National Universe 2018 Ambassador.

Congratulations to the winners!