RJ De Vera is now in Thailand aiming for a back-to-back win, hoping to succeed reigning Man Hot Star International 2022 Jovy Bequillo who is also from the Philippines.

RJ De Vera | IG/deverarj

That would be an honor for the country if ever the title went to the Pearl of the Orient once again. But does RJ have what it takes to become the next Man Hot Star International?

Well, Jovy and RJ are look-a-likes. But would the organization go for someone who looks like his predecessor?

Also, I think Jovy won because (aside from his good looks) he had (and still have) this mysterious air about him. And he’s humble. I never heard him talk arrogantly in interviews.

Plus, there are a handful prototype-looking (if ever Jovy’s look is the prototype) contestants this year.

Let’s wish RJ good luck! After all, he said it’s his last pageant already.