I was initially not a fan of the BL series, which has been quite popular on the internet for quite a while now. Not that I tried watching one and didn’t like it. It’s the fact that I had to read subtitles that turned me a little off.

And then here comes the Pinoy-produced BL stories which became heavily supported online. I still wasn’t able to watch the first one that came out, maybe because I was busy catching up on my Netflix “backlog.”

This afternoon, though, while on Twitter, I came across a photo of JC Alcantara’s Hello Stranger character (Mico) and found it so adorable. One look and I knew his character plays the gay role (and a very cute one at that).

I believe Hello Stranger (directed by Petersen Vargas) was the second BL series recently released locally, and I couldn’t quite resist the temptation of watching it due to JC’s adorable pictures.

I was able to squeeze (in my busy GCQ schedule) watching the first three episodes of Hello Stranger in one sitting. I actually got hooked the first few minutes into episode one.

Here are my thoughts while watching the eps:

Episode 1:

  • JC Alcantara effortlessly looked like a good boy, and so clean cut he looked OC with his appearance.
  • In the same effortless way, Tony Labrusca was so charming.
  • The teacher, who decided to pair Mico with Xavier, was hilarious when she was trying to look lagged. I literally laughed out loud on that scene. I hope she’d have more appearances in the series.
  • The way Mico’s mother would always shout for errands made me think that online classes, when it starts in August, would be mighty full of same scenarios.
  • Friendship can form even between two very different personas. Like love, friendship knows no bound.
  • That “accidentally double tapping a photo” scene was very relatable. And the person you accidentally “hearted” the photo of would know you were stalking him especially if that particular photo was already way below his timeline.

Episode 2:

  • Guys can really be insensitive when it comes to texting/calling their girlfriends. They just… don’t care. Especially when they’re with their friends.
  • Patrick Quiroz has killer brows. Reminded me of fellow cast member Vivoree Esclito’s brows before her PBB makeover.
  • That “alaga” confession of Xavier reminded me of someone who said that guys can fall easily with gays who can give them what they can’t get from, say, their families. Thus, Mico’s concern could be the start of Xavier’s attraction.
  • Mico’s room was Zoom background-perfect. I loved the details, aside from the plastic cabinet.

Episode 3:

  • Most initial attractions are based on physical appearance, but love is really based on how you feel upon knowing someone as a person.
  • “You love a person because of how they make you feel.” -Xavier
  • I guess the last scene was a dream sequence. That, or Xavier was just joking.