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I decided to watch another local BL series, the one-day old In Between: Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam. Am I getting hooked on the genre? Well, I chose to watch the Briliant V. Juan-helmed online series over Aswang last night, so I guess I might be.

Anyway, watching Migs Villasis act somehow surprised me. I’ve been among his now almost 50k followers on Instagram for quite a while now. Came to know his account because I also follow his pageant king friends. His face would pop up every now and then on Casius Panopio and Vincent Jarina’s IG Stories so I decided to follow him, as well.

But why was I surprised?


Well, based on what I used to see on Migs’ IG Stories, he was a Letran varsity player with a bad boy-ish appeal whose concerns were playing basketball, working out, making tambay, and scuba diving whenever possible.

He’s also good at showing off his shirtless form, and sometimes dancing


But I had no idea that he could really act!

I actually got wide-eyed while watching the episode’s first scene with him and Genesis Redido in a bedroom. Migs (who plays the role of Taurus) got me on his very first line. The word “depth” was the first thing that came to my mind as I heard him deliver more of his lines. And boy, did he know how to deliver! And then the scene progressed to show that he was really in character, not letting go even if Genesis (Joseph) was the one delivering lengthy lines.

I wasn’t able to watch Migs on that Twitter-famous indie film that he appeared on (he wasn’t in the lead, btw) so I wouldn’t be able to compare his acting there with his acting in the new BL series. But based on what he exhibited in this new project, I believe he should be given bigger breaks.

The next scenes of In Between‘s first episode featured Taurus and Joseph’s circle of friends. I’m sorry but I had this feeling I was watching a school play (the ones done just inside the classroom) with the acting.

I’m sure, though, that Migs will be able to save this series. I can’t even wait for episode two!

By the way, new episode drops every Saturday on Youtube/USPHTV.


In Between Episode 1 (Part 1/2)

In Between Episode 1 (Part 2/2)