Vice Ganda called out Philippine Airlines (PAL) last night for overbooking and delayed flight, both of which she experienced on her way back to the Philippines from Bangkok, Thailand. Given the celebrity status of the Filipino superstar, the airline immediately replied to her post on X (previously Twitter) saying they would coordinate with their Bangkok team to know what happened.

A couple of hours later, PAL again replied to one of Vice’s posts regarding the matter, saying that “two business class seats were identified as unserviceable due to safety concerns” and she was “among the passengers offered a seat downgrade to economy class.”

“We have received an update that eventually, two alternative passengers were identified and agreed to accept the downgrade offer, allowing you to return to your originally booked business class seat,” PAL wrote.


So Vice Ganda’s original seat wasn’t the one identified as “unserviceable” because it was eventually given back to her?

Shouldn’t be the ones who originally booked the “unserviceable” seats be the ones to be offered a downgrade?

But then the issue doesn’t end there, because Vice had a different story to tell.

The comedian replied to PAL’s post hours later (presumably after the flight) saying that wasn’t what she was told at the airport counter.

She was told that “the flight was overbooked and my seat was given to another passenger.”

And because they are saying two different explanations, PAL (the one that replied on X) and the person at Bangkok airport should do a game of rock-paper-scissors. Whoever wins will get a round trip ticket via Cathay Pacific courtesy of Vice.