Vice Ganda called out Philippine Airlines (PAL) on X (formerly Twitter) upon experiencing first hand being bumped off a flight due to overbooking.

On Tuesday night, the It’s Showtime host took to the microblogging site to lament on what could should have been a happy vacation in Thailand.

The Filipino superstar said that they experienced overbooking a number of times. One was when one of their companions failed to fly with them, and now she herself got bumped off.

Well, overbooking isn’t really new and isn’t illegal. Airlines oversell their flights to compensate for “no-shows.”

But then, again, it would really piss you off should it happen to you.

Especially when you booked a pricey business class.

Meanwhile, #ViceGanda was named as the most-watched celebrity hashtag in the Philippines with 10-billion views.