Something happened at work yesterday, which made me realize that life indeed is short. But which also made me realize that life is unfair.

A woman parked her car in front of the shoe store a few feet away from ours. She went in the store with (presumably) her kids, no idea if she bought something, then got out to go back to her car.

As soon as she opened the door to the driver seat, a man in a mask shot her six times. In front of her kids. I could hear the kids (boys around 7 and 13) shrieking, crying, and wailing. Our customers waiting for their coffee/milk tea ran away. The baristas and I got very afraid but I couldn’t abandon the cash drawer.

There was a lot of blood from where the body of the woman fell. The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The police arrived and we learned that the gunman just walked away, on foot, after firing 6 shots. He didn’t even run.

I thought the woman, considering she had kids, didn’t have any desire to die that soon. Perhaps she had a lot of dreams, for herself and more especially for her sons.

Why she was shot, I didn’t have any idea. I just kind of wished that those gunshots went to someone who was already losing hope and had no desire to live anymore.

And there were a lot of them around. Them who didn’t know what to do with their lives anymore. Them who, no matter how much they try, still find themselves in the same situation over and over again.

Life is indeed unfair.