I had been very hesitant about getting the CoViD-19 vaccine, much more Sinovac. I had been waiting for Pfizer and Moderna to be offered by the health workers (that drops by the house almost every day) to my category, but all they could offer was, yes, Sinovac.

So when a neighbor told me last Thursday that the kagawad she works for needs one thousand names for Moderna inoculation the following day, I immediately agreed.

We went to the venue early that Friday (July 2, 2021). The line outside the school gate was long, but moving, so you know that there’s actually an activity at the other end. When we finally got seated inside, we were given forms to fill up – mostly about comorbidities and stuff. A facilitator approached me and told me to write Sinovac as the name of the vaccine that I agree to be given with. I was surprised, as well as those around me that heard the facilitator.

So all of us who went at that venue to be vaccinated thought we would be given Moderna.

It’s a prank!

The facilitator said they only had Sinovac that day.

Many of us concluded that Moderna was only used as a bait.

I proceeded with the process, though. But some of those in line, left.

Pictures and videos were not allowed inside the vaccination area. Perhaps to avoid those controversial videos that have recently surfaced on the internet showing vaccines not properly given.

So what I did was to make sure that I was properly vaccinated by watching the procedure.

After the vaccination, our blood pressures were taken. 80/120. I was told I could go home.

And I thought there was a 15 or 30-minute observation period. But perhaps it depends on where you got the vax?

Anyway, I kinda feel happy that I’m on my way to being protected, albeit just 50%.

As they say, little protection is better than no protection at all.