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I had been wanting to be a “YouTuber” forever, but inhibitions and gadget insecurity (as well as time) became hindrances. But with a lot of people becoming a “vlogger” especially during the lockdown, I figured, “What the heck!”

It actually started with a karaoke mobile app that a lot of my neighbors had been using. I love singing so I downloaded the app and started uploading videos, which eventually gained positive feedback from, well, my neighbors.

Then I discovered the app’s “share” function where you can repost your videos to other social media platforms like YouTube.

I have an old YouTube channel, yes, which had some random pet and travel videos that had two (and some, even one) digit views. That’s actually what I wanted to be at first – a travel vlogger! And then I realized traveling costs a lot.

So I just tried to revive that channel (even if it had close to none subscribers) by uploading what I considered my most decent karaoke video at that time, and then did a shameless plug on my Facebook account.

I don’t have a lot of Facebook reach, but my family and (real life) friends became very supportive of the venture.

For now, I’m not planning to plug every single video on Facebook. But I must admit posting on that platform helps a lot.

My most recent YouTube upload wasn’t shared from the karaoke app, tho. I kinda figured how to use my old DSLR and my friend’s son’s very basic condenser mic together to come up with a little more decent cover video.

But honestly, I wouldn’t really have that much confidence to go use that karaoke app in the first place if not for a friend who really believed that my singing voice is good enough to “brag” online. He gave me that much needed push to start singing.

I believe we all need someone to give us that “push.” No matter how much talent we know we have, we still need encouragement from the people around us.

And I know he is my people.