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The BL series Hello Stranger episode 4 was released last night on Facebook and YouTube, and I opted to watch it on Black Sheep’s YT channel. The kilig was still there, and I must admit I am now officially a JC Alcantara fan. He is just so cute and his portrayal of Mico was adorable.

Anyway, without giving out spoilers, here are my thoughts while watching the episode:

  1. My guess regarding the last scene of the previous episode was right. It’s just so easy to guess because confession of feelings was way too early into the story.
  2. I really love Mico’s room. Was it shot in his bedroom in his real life home? I think so.
  3. Mico’s thoughts while fixing his bed was a common thought of mine, as a believer that every happy situation has a sad counterpart: “Alam mo ‘yong mga moments na parang ang saya-saya lang ng buhay, pero minsan sa sobrang saya, natatakot ka na baka may kapalit ‘tong lungkot.”
  4. Vivoree’s confession over video chat was cringey. Not that she’s a bad actress. She actually made the scene as cringey as it should be irl.
  5. We always need a friend while going through heartaches. Do you have a go-to friend during times like this?
  6. “Hindi mo lang alam, pero sa ibang tao, number one ka,” says Patrick Quiroz’s character. I agree that we all have someone who admires us. But can they please introduce themselves as soon so we don’t have to keep on guessing?
  7. That don’t-turn-off-your-camera-while-we-are-sleeping reminded me of someone. Heck, this BL series actually reminds me of those days when YM was the thing.

Hello Stranger is directed by Petersen Vargas and also stars Tony Labrusca as Xavier, together with Vivoree Esclito, Gillian Vicencio, Patrick Quiroz and Miguel Almendras.

The BL series releases new episodes Wednesday nights.