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I really love this recent “surge” of locally-produced BL series, and how it’s bringing fans something to look forward to week after week, easing a little bit of the boredom this quarantine is giving us.

One of the BL series I really wait for every Saturday is In Between. I’m fascinated with Miguel Villasis’ acting. Been following him on Instagram for some time already and I really didn’t know he could act. I was really surprised how good he was when I started watching this series, and he still fascinates me every single episode.

Migs was so good as Tau that you could feel Otep’s (Genesis Redido) kilig especially in this scene:

screengrab from YouTube/USPHTV

Meanwhile, there’s a new plot development in episode 6 which makes me all the more excited for the series’ upcoming episodes.

Since they revealed the news that Lance Carr would be joining In Between, we’ve pondered for a while what his role would be. At first, I thought he was the other guy in Otep’s life, the one Tau has been asking him about since he revealed about his three-month relationship with someone, during a truth-or-dare kinda game.

Well, I was wrong.

screengrab from YouTube/USPHTV

But I’m not giving out spoilers. You better watch episode 6 to find out.

Lance Carr is such an eye candy.

screengrab from YouTube/USPHTV

Another exciting new addition to the cast was shown towards the end of the episode, in the person of Kimson Tan who plays Orion.

In the shirtless balcony scene, he was having a hard time trying to call someone he kept addressing as “shuai ge.”

screengrab from YouTube/USPHTV

Now, are you excited for the next episodes as I am?