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Hello Stranger is something to look forward to every Wednesday night. The kilig feels that Xavier (Tony Labrusca) and Mico (JC Alcantara) give me make me look forward to the next episode and actually anticipate what would happen next.

In the new episode of the Petersen Vargas-helmed BL series, JC showed us more acting skills. I actually felt how sad Mico was when Xavier wouldn’t turn on his camera during the video call.

screengrab from YouTube/Black Sheep

In his Twitter post Wednesday night, the actor revealed who his acting coach was.


JC thanked Christian Bables for mentoring and sharing his acting secrets with him, adding that he will take his advises in achieving his dreams.

That post, meanwhile, was answered by Christian himself, telling JC that he’s happy and proud of him, also praising the newbie actor for being hardworking and not being afraid to hone his craft.


Meanwhile, here are my other thoughts while watching Hello Stranger:

  • Tony and JC were both so good looking.
  • That first LQ was quite petty. How could not one understand an emergency? But then again, being in love makes (most of) us “corny.”
  • I felt Kookai’s (Vivoree Esclito) anger when she got mad at Junjun (Miguel Almendras).
  • Miguel was quite good looking, too!
screengrab from YouTube/Black Sheep
  • I enjoyed Ms. Tina Moran’s scene with XavMi. She’s really fun to watch.
screengrab from YouTube/Black Sheep
  • Another highlight of this episode was Mico’s impersonation of Xavier. It was on point, I literally laughed out loud.
  • The best scene, however, was Xavier’s performance of Kahit Na Ano’ng Sabihin Ng Iba. It was soo sweet.
  • If that scene was a dream sequence again, it’s going to be a major disappointment.

Hello Stranger also stars Patrick Quiroz and Gillian Vicencio, produced by Black Sheep and distributed by ABS-CBN Film Productions.