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James Reid has been trending on the internet for the past few days because of his social media posts that shows him watching the recently-held Harry Styles concert with Issa Pressman. The two were romantically linked in the past while James was still with Nadine Lustre. Those rumors had been denied.

Issa also posted photos of herself and James taken from the same event. One even showed them holding hands, which led to speculations that the two of them are together and that the past rumors were actually true.

According to James’ recent tweet, however, those past rumors were actually just that – rumors.

“I’m only gonna say this once. The past rumors about Issa are just that, rumors,” the singer-actor wrote.

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And while he didn’t directly confirm a current romance with Issa, he mentioned about a “start of something beautiful.”

“I usually never address bashers or get involved in hate culture but I feel the need to speak up now because this is the start of something beautiful. And I’m not gonna let anyone take that from me.”

He also tells his supporters that he is in his happiest at the moment.

“To my fans, all you need to know from me is that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” the end part of his post read.