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Mister Universe Tourism 2023 is crowning its winner on Sunday (March 19th) in Indonesia. Eight men are competing for the title and the right to succeed the reigning king Richard Carter who was crowned in 2019.

Competing for the title this year are contestants from Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Since there’s only a handful, it’s quite easy to choose the standouts in the batch, physically speaking, that is. But then, of course, intellect is also a big factor, and we can’t see that in just photos.

The Philippines, Spain, and Malaysia are my favorites.

Erik Lennart Visser (Philippines) is the tallest this year at 6’3″.

Erik Lennart Visser (Philippines) | FB/Mr. Universe Tourism

Jose Merida Moyano (Spain) is not new to international pageants as he was also his country’s representative in Mister Planet back in 2017.

Jose Merida Moyano (Spain) | FB/Mr. Universe Tourism

Muhammad Fareez Bin Jeffri Tan (Malaysia), on the other hand, has the most adorable face this year.

Muhammad Fareez Bin Jeffri Tan | FB/Mr. Universe Tourism

This is the same pageant won by Ion Perez during the pageant’s second edition in 2018. He resigned after just a few months into his reign.

Meanwhile, Mr. Universe Tourism 2023 will have it’s coronation night on March 19th, 8 pm, at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre in Bali, Indonesia.

Let’s hope they will have a livestream so we can watch from wherever.