And it’s time for the 1st Live Shows of The Voice Teens.

The show started with performances from the coaches and the top 12 teen artists. From the opening production number alone, you could already tell who the televiewers will love and, thus, move on in the competition.

It’s the 1st time the public can vote for their favorite teen artists and the contestants need that charm (aside from talent, of course) to advance to the next stage.

From the top 12, I can name a few that the viewers will surely love – Chan Millanes of FamiLea, Nisha Bedana of Team Sarah, and Jeremy Glinoga of Team Sharon. Emarjhun de Guzman of Kamp Kawayan, on the other hand, will surely be supported by the LGBT community.

The team of Broadway Diva Lea Salonga was the 1st to perform. Mica Becerro delivered a classical version of Bridge Over Troubled Water, showing us that she can sing songs from other genres and turn them into her own theatrical version.

Chan picked Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed to charm the audience with his voice. I’m sure it will be hard not to smile back when Chan smiles at you in person. He’s just so… charming. The camera loved him.

Patricia Luna of Cabanatuan, meanwhile, sang a beautiful version of Fix You, which she dedicated to her departed grandfather. She has this way of singing straight to your heart.

After FamiLea, the teens of Team Sharon sang their way to the viewers’ hearts. First to perform was Alessandra Galvez with Rico J’s The Way We Are. It was an overall good performance, but she seemed on the verge of crying throughout the song. She eventually explained that she dedicated the song to her parents and when she saw them at the audience, she felt like crying.

Up next was Christy Lagapa who sang Shine by Regine Velasquez. According to her coach, she really shone with the performance although there was something negligible that happened at some point.

Last to perform was Jeremy who chose Gary Valenciano’s version of How Did You Know. He used head tone at some parts of the song which, for me, made it a little off. They could have just lowered the key if it was too high for him to use chest voice. Sharon, however, eventually revealed that it was her idea to make Jeremy’s performance different from Gary’s. Oh, well.

It was time for the results after team Sharon’s performances.

Well, Chan didn’t get the top percentage of the combined text and online votes. It was Mica who did with 45.8% and I was glad the viewers saw her talent. Chan, nonetheless, won as well because coach Lea picked him over Patricia to advance in the competition.

As per Team Sharon, Jeremy got the highest percentage of votes with 51.73%. And despite that “negligible” error in her performance, coach Sharon picked Christy over Alessandra to move on in the competition.

Meanwhile, the names of the 2nd and 3rd in the tally of votes were not revealed. Only the names of the highest vote getter were revealed.

Did you like the results of tonight’s episode of The Voice Teens? Be sure to watch Team Sarah and Team Bamboo’s performances tomorrow.