The 1st night of The Voice Teens semifinals has concluded a few hours ago, giving us half of the names of the show’s Top 4 that will compete in the grand finals next week.

The teens from Teen Sarah were the firsts to perform. Nisha Bedana sang Mariah Carey’s Can’t Take That Away. It was not a very polished rendition and rather hard to listen to at certain points. The song was not for her vocal style, although her vocal prowess hit those high notes.

Next to perform was Jona Soquite, the little girl with the big voice. Her rendition of Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love Of All was hands down better than her opponent’s performance. It started quiet, but she exhibited some vocal calisthenics from the middle to the end of the song.

The voting lines were opened after the 2 performances and was immediately closed after the commercial gap. The SMS and Google votes would comprise 50% of the total score. The other 50% would come from their coach.

Up next was FamiLea. Chan Millanes was the 1st to perform with his rendition of Donny Hathaway’s A Song For You. It was perfection, beautiful and heartfelt, according to coach Lea. She also noted that Chan did everything that they asked for him to do in that number. Coach Sharon, meanwhile, said that she’s always loved his voice and he’s a million times better now than when he started.

Up next, and the last performer of the night, was Mica Becerro who has wowed us with her classical vocal techniques. This time, however, she ditched the classical voice to tell us she can sing pure pop. She chose Minnie Riperton’s Loving You and, of course, we were all waiting for that F-sharp descending note. With the vocal abilities she showcased in her previous performances, however, I knew she’d nail it. And she did. That’s too bad for Chan.

After the voting lines were closed for FamiLea, it was time for the coaches to give their scores. Sarah Geronimo went first, grading Nisha’s performance with 95%, and Jona’s with 97%.

Lea Salonga, meanwhile, gave Chan 90% and Mica, 95%.

At the end of the show, Jona was named Team Sarah’s representative to the grand finals with her combined total score of 98.50%. Mica would be FamiLea’s representative with her 97.50%.

Congrats Jona and Mica!

By the way, have you noticed Mica’s resemblance to Bela Padilla?

It’s Team Sharon and Kamp Kawayan’s turn on Sunday night. Who will complete the Top 4? Be sure to vote.