We have seen the Mister Cosmopolitan 2023 contestants in their formal wear, beach wear, and traditional costume. All fifteen of them were gorgeous, but I have to admit only a few stood out.

I had different favorites in each category, but some of them remain constant in my list.

However, my favorites changed a little after seeing the livestream of the contestants doing the runway. There’s really a lot of difference between seeing them in photos and witnessing them move on videos. Well, what more when you see them in person?

So after much thought, here are my Top 5 contestants:

Singapore, Abdul Rahim Bin Mahmood | FB/Missosology
Italy, Nicolas Maggi | FB/Missosology
Brazil, Patrick Luvise | FB/Missosology
Thailand, Yothin Romthaisong | FB/Missosology
USA, Blake Johnston | FB/Missosology

I also really like these Philippines, Hong Kong and South Korea, so I guess they would be part of my Top 8.

Philippines, Ivan Aikon Ignacio | FB/Missosology
Hong Kong, Ayhan Deniz | FB/Missosology
South Korea, Lee Ji Hoon | FB/Missosology